When you have a new PC

When you have a new PC and need to migrate our subscription plug-in licenses, please kindly review this page before DISPOSE or INITIALISE your old PC.

1. Deauthenticate the subscription license from your current PC

  1. Please ensure that your PC is on line.
  2. Open Adobe Illustrator > Go to Illustrator at menu bar >
    About Plug-ins (BABY-UNIVERSE INC.) > Select the subject plug-in

    You have a new pc deauthenciate plug-in from Illustrator srcset= About Plug-ins">

  3. Cick "Deauthentication" button in the dialog.

    Plug-in deauthentication button

Remarks : In case you have disposed or initialised the old PC without deauthentication of plug-ins, please kindly contact to Baby Universe Inc. :

You can also refer "How to migrate your subscription plug-in license to other PC"

2. Install a subscription plug-in to your new PC

This is a brief guide lines of our plug-in installation. You can also refer "How to Install/Uninstall a Plug-in"

  1. Please visit our download page and download the applicable file.
  2. Open “Setup.exe” for Win OS / “Installer.app” for Mac OS which you can find in the downloaded folder.

    Plug-in setup exe & app
  3. You will find a pop of the cover picture. Please click “Start” and the preparation for install will start. It may take minutes depending on your environment.
    Generally, the loading time will increase when multiple versions of Adobe Illustrator are installed in your PC.

    bpt-pro installer
  4. Please select "Install" and you can click " Continue"

    BPT-Pro Install select install and continue
  5. Please select an appropriate Illustrator version to install the plug-in. Then please click “Install” to proceed.

    BPT-Pro Installer select AI and continue
  6. A message window will pop up. Please click "OK" to start install.

    BPT-Pro Install message conitnue

  7. When a pop up window asks about overwriting of data, please click “Overwrite”. In case it shows “Yes All”, please click that button.

    BPT-Pro Install message overwrite
  8. Install successfully completed.

    BPT-Pro install complete

3. Authentication of subscription plug-ins

After plug-in installation, please relaunch the application. When you use any plug-ins, you will see a pop up window to fill in your serial number.
ID is separated to 5 by hyphens : 11 digits – 4 digits – 5 digits – 4 digits – 5 digits.
Please enter each number to a corresponding box. Then you can click “OK” to authenticate.

On BPT-Pro

The pop up window comes out by clicking on the tool button.

BPT-Pro Authentication pop up window
The shown numbers are just examples.


You will find out the pop up window when you export or import a file with the plug-in.

The shown numbers are just examples.

Free Trial (30 times) are available

If you select "TRY" of pop up windows, you can use the plug-in without filling your serial number.
We would like to recommend the trial use ( availalbe 30 times ) to confirm the performance on your new PC.
You can also refer "Plug-in Free Trial Before Purchase".

Authentication Error

After you enter a serial number and click “OK”, the plug-in will connect to the authentication server.
However, in case you receive an error message, “Warning: Unknown Error (0)”, it means that your authentication is failed.
It indicates that the connection has been blocked for some reasons.

When it happens, please kindly check below :

  1. A network condition of your PC.
  2. Your security software or firewall may block the connection. Please consult your system administrator to allow the connection to the authentication server.
    In case you can not identify the server to allow, please contact us.
  3. If you have changed your PC name from the last authentication, it may cause this error. If you can restore your PC name, it will resolve the error. However, in case you cannot restore the name, please feel free to contact us.

You can also refer "How to authenticate a plug-in"

4.Check your serial number

When you purchase our subscription plug-ins at our online store, you will soon receive an e-mail with the title "Thank you for shopping at Baby Universe Online store". On which serial numbers are mentioned.
You can also check at "My Account" at the oneline shop :
Log in " My Account " > Click "Subscriptions" on the left of the page > Scroll down to "Related Order" > Click "View".

Onlinestore Mypage subscription

In case you purchase our plug-ins via your distibutors, you will also receive your serial numbers by e-mail from "info_eng@baby-universe.co.jp". Please keep the record.

If you cannot find out, we can also check by our side. Please feel free to contact us.

5.Number of PC per subscription license

Regardless of OS, you can install a plug-in to multiple computers that you own. You can authenticate one subscription license up to two computers. Please remind that the plug-in can not be launched on two PCs at the same time. When you want to use the plug-in to the third computer, you have to deauthenciate the license from either of former two computers and try authentication to the thrid computer.
Please read End User License Agreement for more about our license policy.

You can also refer "How many computers can I install the plug-in with one license?"

Hoping you can complete setup and enjoy your new PC. If you would need any further assistants, please feel free to contact us.