Internet Connection Plugin Technology

Adobe Illustrator connects directly to web servers!

Internet connection plugin technology allows you to connect to a web server by selecting it from an Illustrator palette. Normally, in order to upload a graphic created in Illustrator to a web server, you must first save the file in Illustrator and then upload it with an FTP application, etc., or you must log in to the server through a browser and use the file-upload function of the server.

On the other hand, by using the internet connection function plugin, after performing some automatic processing, you can directly access the specified server from the plugin palette, and send the file as soon as the processing is completed. The main benefits of this plugin are as follows.

  1. The user can seamlessly send a file from Illustrator.
  2. In accordance with the user’s administrative rights, the user can download data from the server, and perform automatic processing.
  3. Users that appreciate the convenience of the automation and data transmission can be attracted to the service.

In other words, this technology directly connects Illustrator to web servers.