Plug-in Free Trial Before Purchase

Free trial before purchase will ensure the performance of our plug-ins

Free trial before purchase is always available with our subscrplug-ins. We would like to recommend you to check performance our plug-ins by free ( 30 times ) before purchase. You do not have to do any registration.

How to proceed

You can process the download from the link below.

Please download the compressed files and expand before install.
For download details, please refer "How to Install/Uninstall a Plug-in".

For [BPT-Pro]

You can find a pop up window for authentication when you click any of BPT-Pro tools. Please click “TRY” in the window. Then you can try all tools of BPT-Pro as free trial. It will be valid until you quit Illustrator. The number of trial will count down every time you launch Illustrator and try the plug-in.

For [EXDXF-Pro]

You can find a pop up window for authentication when you try import or export a DXF file with EXDXF-Pro. You can click “TRY” in the window.  Then the trial becomes active. Please note that the number of trial may count down every time you import or export DXF files.


Please try our plug-ins on a trial basis, and if you are satisfied with the results, please proceed to the purchase process from our On-line Store.