Die Line Generation System

We developed a web-based die line generation system for a major corrugated and cardboard box manufacturer which has many well-known clients in Japan. Majority of their clients were home electronics companies and needed much variation of box size and design because of their numerous SKU. The box manufacturer used to deal with that with lots of manual work.

Since this system has been introduced, the clients access the system on web-browser and input the box size and other information(texts, logos or symbols etc.) which will be printed on the box. Then the system instantly generates a PDF file with the die line with the graphic design of the box(like the picture on the right). It’s in vector line. The layout of the graphics is automatically done based on the user’s settings. Additionally, the system can generate specifications of the box too.

Thanks to this system, the box manufacturer ended up with reducing massive costs for making die lines. Also, human errors have been dramatically reduced by automating the manual processes.

This system has also eased their clients’ ordering process of boxes because whole design process can be done online without special skills of box design. One of the clients even awarded a prize to the box manufacturer for improvement of productivity.

completion: Aug.2008
Industry type: Corrugated Box, Printing
Field: Graphic design, Typesetting, Printing