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AI to DXF converter Adobe Illustrator Plug-in

Having troubles with AI DXF conversion ?

AI to DXF conversion, EXDXF-Pro is an excellent plug-in for Adobe Illustrator (AI) which can fulfill your professional needs. You can successfully convert any DXF files with various import / export options.  

What is DXF?
DXF stands for "Drawing Exchange Format" or "Drawing Interchange Format". This is a CAD file format in vector developed by Autodesk originally. DXF is useful when you need data compatible with other programs such as drawing softwares or cutting systems. You may also know DWG which is a standard format of AutoCAD. It is similar to DXF. However, DWG has low compatibility compared to DXF.

Adobe Illustrator (AI) itself supports DXF. What’s the reason to implement EXDXF-Pro ?
Actually, AI can not handle some types of DXF which may cause incorrect lines or shapes in the converted file. On the other hand, EXDXF-Pro has unique technologies to accurately convert DXF to AI’s bezier curves. Furthermore, you can choose the most suitalbe result from various import / export settings.

How to export / import DXF by EXDXF-Pro

DXF Export

How to convert ai file to DXF:
  1. Choose “Save As…” from File menu in Adobe Illustrator .
  2. Choose “Drawing Interchange (DXF)” as the file format and click “Save”. Then a setting window will open. Select the suitable setting and click ”OK”.
DXF conversion - Export from Illustrator
  • Supports DXF Release 12
  • Advanced smoothing function
  • Automatic line optimization function
  • Reduces points automatically
  • Line conversion selection to match your CAD
  • Expanding appearance option
  • Accuracy of coordinates was improved from 4 digits to 6 digits
  • Supports CAD applications that limit number of points
  • You can presert your favorite settings
  • An option to export paths to be processed from inner one to outer one
  • Path rotation direction setting

DXF Import

How to convert dxf file to ai file :
  1. Open dxf in AI. Then “Select Filter” dialog will appear. Choose “EXDXF-Pro”.
  2. Then a setting window will open.  Select the suitable setting and click ”OK”.
DXF conversion - import to Illustrator
DXF convert settings (import)
  • Supports DXF versions R12, R13, R14
  • Reads data larger than 3m×3m
  • Excellent Bezier curve approximation
  • Settings for origin, unit and scale are available
  • Connects points automatically
  • Removes unnecessary points on poly lines automatically
  • Improved accuracy of polyline approximation
  • Setting for a font to be imported is available
  • Connects neighboring lines regardless of order, starting point or terminal point
  • Imports DXF that is not supported by AI by rewriting its header.
  • You can save your import setting as a preset
  • Supports AutoCAD’s Solid Hatch (paint)
  • Reduces error on the seventh digits
  • Chooses Milli-meters or Inches
  • Rounds coordinate value of the object’s top
  • Any type of paths can be connected to each other, regardless of number of points or paths

Product Information

Product NameEXDXF-Pro
Price$99.00/year (Annual subscription)
System RequirementsMac and Windows OS that the following versions of Adobe Illustrator run properly:
Macintosh : Illustrator 2022 / 2023 / 2024
Windows : Illustrator 2022 / 2023/ 2024
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