Mission and Vision : Baby Universe Inc.

Our Mission

We shall continue to pursue our vector graphics generation AI [Beyond Vision] to contribute all our customers sustainable companies.

Our Vision

By 2030, we shall become the world's largest contributor to the SDGs in the vector graphics generation AI market.

Our History

Our vision and mission : apparel tools the orinal plugin

Baby Universe Inc. started as a graphic design office in 1992. The founder, Taka Igarashi CEO., created his artwork with Adobe Illustrator (AI) which intuitive operations gave him limitless inspiration. His background as an apparel designer gave a thought to apply dress patterns with AI. AI's precise and elegant curves were perfect for apparel design. However, there was one problem. Measurement tools equipped in AI were not sufficient for pattern making. He serached good plug-ins but nothing was suitable. It did not take much time for us to launch a new project. If needed, just make it.
After one year development, the first original plug-in was released in 1996. It was the basis of our current plug-in called BPT-Pro (Blue Print Tools). Since then Baby Universe Inc. has been improving as a software engineering company.

While BPT-Pro was providing drawing functions at AI, demands of data conversion of AI to DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) and DXF to AI were increased. Of course, AI was equipped such functions but only limited settings options were available.
We released another advanced plug-in named EXDXP-Pro. Our unique vector graphics technology made possible to convert AI's bezier curves with various options. BPT-Pro and EXDXP-Pro can fully support design & drawing work for professionals. They promise upgrade of your outputs and reduction of time consuming processes.

BPT-Pro and EXDXP-Pro have been adopted by companies in more than 50 countries. Our customers are in various fields ; manufacturing industries including major enterprise, drafters and designers. Furthermore, Baby Universe Inc. has proven experiences for developing custom made plug-ins of Adobe Illustrator (AI).
We have good partnerships with printing industries and computer aided design (CAD) industries.

Representative Greetings

In the first place, the company name Baby Universe is a space term used in the Big Bang theory, which is astrophysics.
It is said that the big bang occurred from the "fluctuation" that occurred in the black hole 13.8 billion years ago. Then, the "baby universe" was born and continued to expand faster than light and became the present universe.

On the other hand, it took about 30 years from our Baby Universe Inc., but in March 2021, the first baby universe called "PCB.Tokyo Inc." was finally born.
Taking over the vector data technology of Baby Universe, we will continue to expand as a new market "vector data technology company for the electronic circuit industry" with the help of partnerships with other businesses.

Furthermore, in January 2023, we finally launched our in-house developed AI engine [Beyond Vision], which had been under development for a year and a half since 2021. [Beyond Vision] has been producing numerous results for our customer companies in various industries that are suffering from a shortage of CAD engineers.

Additionally, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), the largest private company in space development, is also a customer company that uses our Vector Data Technology.
In the future, we will continue to expand while accelerating and causing a large number of big bangs, and realize the vision of "By 2030, we will become the most contributing company to the SDGs in the world among vector data technology companies."

Takanori Igarashi
CEO, Baby Universe Inc.