Baby Universe in 5 Years

My name is Igarashi and I am the representative director of Baby Universe Inc. As of the 1st of May 2015, we are a nine-member strong software development company. Finally, I decide to illustrate my goal for the company five years from today in the form of a fictional novel, in as much detail as possible. It will be greate pleasure of sharing with you and our staff. Please drop in and enjoy reading these tales when you have a free time. Well then, let “Baby Universe in 5 years time” begin!

With Podcast

“Baby Universe in 5 years” is available with Podcast. We hope you enjoy the pleasant reading by Max Forrest.

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title: Garage
time: 03:03

title: Daycare
time: 02:47

title: Balance
time: 04:02

title: Mental Care
time: 02:55

title: Hot Springs and Local Beer
time: 03:50

title: Smooth Ride
time: 03:15

title: Eco and Otaku
time: 03:30

title: A Magical Scent
time: 03:29

title: Advice
time: 03:42

title: Customer Service
time: 04:34

title: Farmware
time: 03:14

title: Crystal Clear Scenery
time: 03:58

title: Stately Elegance
time: 04:08

title: Cool Water and Warm Tears
time: 03:44

title: Quantum Fisherman
time: 04:37

title: Fantasy of the Past
time: 03:21

title: Warm Hot Spring
time: 04:16

title: Amazing Copy
time: 04:08

title: Ban is Lifted
time: 04:32

title: Boiled Tofu
time: 04:45

title: Meditation
time: 04:02

title: The Tearoom
time: 03:55

title: A Mother’s Love
time: 03:25

title: Renewal
time: 03:48

Translation / Narration
Max Forrest

Max is from Sydney in Australia and currently working in Japan. He can respond any requests from clients with his flexible voice.

Toshihiro Maruyama

Toshihiro studied design in Australia. He is working as a designer at TM Creation and designs corporate logotypes which make good first impression.