[IMPORTANT] iPM Plug-in Products to shift to Subscription Licensing System

Dear Customers,

In Febraury this year, Baby Universe's CAD plug-in products successfully shifted to a subscription-based licensing system. Accordingly, iPM ( plug-ins for pattern drafting ) is going to shift to a subscription-based licensing system in the spring of next year.

Until now, we have been providing free supports to our plug-in purchased users, such as updates following version, upgrades of Adobe Illustrator and Mac / Windows OS. However, version upgrades of Adobe Illustrator and OS have been increasing recently. Furthermore, the contents of version upgrades have become more complex. This situation makes us difficult to keep up with the current system. In order to maintain our support quality, we have decided to shift to subscription-type license ( yearly usage contract ).

We are currently working on the details of the transition to subscription-based licensing. As soon as we finalize, we would like to announce details on our website and in our newsletter.

Thank you for your understanding and patient.

Baby Universe, Inc.