An Error occurs in Adobe Illustrator 2023 (27.1.1)

An Error in Adobe Illustrator 2023 (27.1.1): Plug-in settings are initialized each time starting AI.

Adobe Illustrator (AI) 2023 update 27.1.1 was released in December 2022. Accordingly, an internal program related to AI plug-in was updated. As a result, we have noticed a plug-in loading error. It occurs when AI launches our plug-in products.

An updater for the corresponding version

On December 23rd, 2022, we have released an updater for the corresponding version.
If your PC environment is as below and you have faced plug-in errors at AI starting up, please kindly access to our download page and install it :
Windows OS environment
Adobe Illustrator 2023 (27.1.1)

An error message Adobe Illustrator

We have confirmed that the error has been resolved with the amended version. However, in case you still find problems and the case is in emergency, we would recommend you to change the version of Adobe Illustrator to 27.0.1 ( reinstalling AI ). It may resolve the symptoms. Besdies, please kindly to contact us.