Why exporting in R12 format DXF is so efficient ?

Why exporting in R12 format DXF is so efficient ?

Our AI to DXF conversion plug-in, "EXDXF-Pro", can export "DXF" in R12 format (AC1009). Let us explain here why it is so efficient.


"DXF" is a file format developed for exchanging data with AutoCAD. If you can export a "DXF" data from AI, you can import it to CAD softwares. In addition, you can use the data as reading data for machining tool softwares. Currently, many manufactures release CAD softwares which are compatible with other CAD softwares.
The file format ".dxf" is useful. This is because, it has high compatibility in exchanging data between CAD softwares. However, we must say that compatibility problems are still common.

R12 format

Currently, there are several versions of DXF related to historical AutoCAD versions. This makes your work a little bit harder. For instance, you can not import a software with R12 format to a higher level of "DXF" format. In fact, upward compatibility is prepared but backward compatibility is not available. Why did it happen ?
This is because, the structure of "DXF" was fully changed when the version shifted from R12 to R13. As a result, DXF is actually having two structures which is "before R12" and "after R13". As a consequence, some CAD software are not compatible with the "DXF" format after R13.
Note : The DXF structure was changed to "Object Oriented Language" from R13.

We are confident that the exporting function of "EXDXF-Pro" can eliminate your tedious work. You can select output of "DXF" in the popular R12 format (AC1009) which is compatible with many CAD and software programs.