[IMPORTANT] For iPM users : Releases of Adobe Illustrator 2022 / Mac OS Monterey

Dear iPM plug-ins users,

Thank you for using our iPM plug-ins.
As you may have already noticed, new Adobe Illustrator (AI) and Mac OS have been released.
Since the plug-ins may not work properly in the new program, we would like to advise not to update your AI or Mac so far.

Regarding the compatibility with the new programs, the new subscription edition which is going to be released in the spring 2022 will support them.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We will post the results of the verification on our website as soon as they become available.
Your understandings would be greatly appreciated.

How to keep the plug-ins working

In order to maintain the plug-ins' performance, we would like to advise NOT to update until we complete verification. Please maintain the environment in which you are currently using the plug-ins. This is because, updating AI or Mac OS may cause malfunctions of our plug-ins.

Turn off auto update for Adobe Illustrator (AI)

If you have set Creative Cloud to automatically keep all applications up to date, Adobe Illustrator (AI) will be automatically updated to the 2022 version. Therefore, we would like to advise to turn it off immediately.

How to turn off auto update

  1. Log in to Adobe Creative Cloud and choose "Preferences" in the up right.

2. Uncheck the automatic update setting.

In case you want to install Adobe Illustrator 2022

The new subscription edition is going to be released in the spring 2022. This will support them.

About Adobe Illustrator 2020

When Adobe Illustrator 2022 is released, new installation of Adobe Illustrator 2020 may no longer be possible. Therefore, if you need to keep the 2020 version, please install it beforehand.

About Mac OS Monterey (12.0)

The new version of Mac OS, OS 12.0 (Monterey), has been released. It may cause malfunctions of AI and our plug-ins if you update Mac OS 12.0 immediately after its release. Therefore, we would like to recommend that even if you get the update notification, you may refrain from updating until our verification process is complete. The result of the verification will be posted on our website soon after it completed.