Please kindly note that EXDXF-Pro4 ended sale on 29th January, 2021 and its support on 30th September, 2021. EXDXF-Pro (Subscription), the successor to this product is available now.

EXDXF-Pro4 : Adobe Illustrator Plugin for AI to DXF conversion

Compatible with Illustrator 2021

Having a trouble with importing / exporting DXF ? Why not try EXDXF-Pro4 ?

EXDXF-Pro is a DXF converting plugin for Adobe Illustrator which meets professional needs. This is because, various import / export options allow you to successfully convert any DXF files. 

What is DXF?
DXF(Drawing Exchange Format or Drawing Interchange Format) is a CAD file format in vector originally developed by Autodesk. DXF is used when the data has to be compatible with other programs such as drawing softwares or cutting systems. DWG, a standard format of AutoCAD is similar to DXF. However, DWG can not be read in other programs.

Adobe Illustrator itself supports DXF. What’s the reason to use EXDXF-Pro?
In fact, Adobe Illustrator can not handle some types of DXF and as a result, it causes incorrect lines or shapes in the converted file. On the other hand, EXDXF-Pro has an unique technology to accurately convert DXF to Adobe Illustrator’s bezier curve.  Furthermore, you can control the result with various import / export settings.

How to export / import DXF using EXDXF-Pro


How to convert ai file to DXF:
  1. Choose “Save As…” from File menu in Illustrator.
  2. Choose “Drawing Interchange (DXF)” as the file format and click “Save”. Then you will find a setting window. You can select the suitable settings and click OK.
  • Supports DXF release 12
  • Advanced smoothing function
  • Automatic line optimization function
  • Reduces points automatically
  • Line conversion selection to match your CAD
  • Expanding appearance option
  • Accuracy of coordinates was improved from 4 digits to 6 digits
  • Supports CAD applications that limit number of points
  • You can preset your export settings


How to convert dxf file to ai file :
  1. Open dxf in Illustrator. Then “Select Filter” dialog will appear. Choose “EXDXF-Pro”.
  2. Then a setting window will open.  Select the suitable settings and click OK.
  • Supports DXF versions R12, R13, R14
  • Reads data larger than 3m×3m
  • Excellent Bezier curve approximation
  • Settings for origin, unit and scale are available
  • Connects points automatically
  • Removes unnecessary points on poly lines automatically
  • Improved accuracy of polyline approximation
  • Setting for a font to be imported is available
  • Connects neighboring lines regardless of order, starting point or terminal point
  • Imports DXF that is not supported by Illustrator by rewriting its header.
  • Saves your import setting as a preset
  • Supports AutoCAD’s Solid Hatch(paint)
  • Reduces error on the seventh digit
  • Chooses Milli-meters or Inches
  • Rounds coordinate value of the object’s top
  • Any type of paths can be connected to each other, regardless of number of points or paths

Product Information

Product NameEXDXF-Pro4
System RequirementsMac and Windows OS that the following version of Adobe Illustrator runs properly:
Macintosh : Adobe Illustrator CC2019 / 2020
Windows : Adobe Illustrator CC2019 / 2020
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