iPM Subscription Edition - Dates and Pricing

As we announced in October, iPM plug-in products will shift to subscription pricing in the spring 2022.
Here are the updates for release date and pricing.


Release of the subscription products : April 1st, 2022

End of sales of non-subscription products : March 31st, 2022

Annual Subscription Fee

  • Segment Tools : US$99.00
  • Seam Allowance Tools : US$198.00
  • DB-Palette : US$99.00
  • AIPLOT-Pro : US$198.00

* Term of the subscription contract is annual only.
* Each plug-in has 30 time trial as it is now.

Discontinued Items

On March 25th 2022, following items will end sales.
(Technical support service for these items will end on March 31st, 2023.)

  • Grading Tools
  • iPM Full Set
  • Segment Tools + Seam Allowance Tools Set

If you have inquiries feel free to contact us.
Thank you.