Grading Tools

This product has ended sale on 25th March, 2022 and its support service will end on 31st March, 2023.

Fast & Accurate pattern grading on Illustrator

Grading Tools makes pattern grading more efficient, intuitive and accurate on Adobe Illustrator. You can adjust and grade each pattern piece by length, distance, angle and point etc.
You can also set formula to grade with your own rules.

Works together with DBPalette

Once you made a grading rule and registered it to DBPalette (optional software), it can be applied to other pattern pieces with one action.

Introduction Video

Product Information

Product NameGrading Tools
System RequirementsThis is a plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator. You need following version of Illustrator working normally on Mac or Windows.
Mac : Illustrator CS6 - 2021
Windows : Illustrator CS6 - 2021
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